Corporate Social Responsibility

At the GB Group of Companies, we are committed to developing and directing corporate social responsibility policies towards our employees, consumers, suppliers, and the environment. The company aims to retain its existing and new customers by delivering quality services to them, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for its employees (as specified under the labor standards), minimizing adverse impacts on the environment by employing innovative technologies, following ethical business practices, ensuring transparency, accountability, and trust, and promoting equality among all its employees, suppliers, and customers.

The company sets aside a fixed proportion of its profits each year and has influenced the lives of many underprivileged people. As a continuous effort to expand its current operations for social responsibility, the GB Group is now running a non-governmental organization known as ‘Devbhumi’. The NGO is run by an efficient Board of Directors and aims to promote education, health, family welfare, environmental awareness, sanitation, and the empowerment of women and other marginalized groups. This initiative aims to lead to inclusive, equitable, and sustainable growth, which is crucial for any country and region in the long run.

The company is also registered under ISO standards (ISO 9001:2008) and follows all safety and health measures for its employees. Further complying with the ISO certifications it has always delivered high quality products to its customers. It is also regulated underEMS(Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2004) and OHSAS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System – OHSAS 18001:2007).

With all of the above high on the company’s agenda, the GB Group is conducting business operations whilst ensuring sustainable development. The company understands the importance of retaining customers, ensuring high work standards for its employees, maintaining equality among all, helping the backward sections of the society, and preserving the environment for the current as well as future generations. This is solely because the GB Group believes that corporate houses should act responsible towards the society and what is good for its employees, suppliers, customers, and the environment is good for its business.